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French Top Wigs

French top wigs are a definite throw back but are making a huge come back as the manufacturers have figured out how to make them faster and more economically than in the past. A French top wig is basically a machine or hand tied wig with a special French top added. The French top has an esthetically pleasing appearance that literally looks as though hair is coming straight from the scalp. The French Top consists of several layers of material with the top layer being a synthetic silk type material that has the appearance of skin because of its tight weave. The hair is ventilated / tied into a lower layer and the hair is pulled through the top layer of synthetic silk one hair at a time for a truly natural appearance. Another method has the hair injected into the synthetic silk, one hair at a time, and then the hair is laminated to the underside of the lace using a soft adhesive material that will not bleed through the material and will allow the hair to move naturally on the head. The French Top is then connected to the balance of the wig and finished off for a smooth natural appearance. The French Top can also be downsized to just a part area but the technique has not been done for entire wig as the hair does come straight out of the material and would not lay down correctly on the sides and back. The French Top and Part has been around for many years and they were originally made by wig makers only. The technique has been done in mass production but the intricacies of the work prohibited it from being done in mass. The French Tops and Parts are all strictly hand made one at a time. Recently we have see the French Tops showing up in the Jewish market for the wigs worn by the Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish women who by tradition and for religious reasons always have their heads covered. There are few wig makers who still work making the French tops and parts but those that do are not at a loss for work. The single hand made French top is still a beautiful work of art and the person who has the honor of owning and wearing one will proudly admit what it is if asked. For the rest of us, we may need to stick to the ready made wig with the French Top or Part added and the consumer will know it as soon as they see it. You cannot believe how realistic the French Top and Part can be and with the new techniques and materials they are not only lovely to look at but extremely comfortable on the scalp with the smooth silk like underlay which is some times finished with a quilted effect. Look for this in a top quality wig shop and note the fine workmanship and usually very good quality hair that is used for the wig. This is the ultimate for any wig wearer.

What are the different types of Wigs available?

Basically, there are three kinds of wigs available, “stock” (meaning machine made and mass-produced), semi-custom, and custom made.

There are many different kind of wig bases, or “caps”, varying in construction and size. Also, there are several different kinds of “hair”, meaning human hair versus synthetic fibers. Within these terms, there are vast differences in the texture and quality of the hair.

Wig Bases or Caps

Basically, there are three types of wig bases or caps. The cap can be machine made, hand made, or a combination of machine made and hand made.

Machine made caps are the most durable and the hair is sewn onto the cap using a sewing machine. The hair, synthetic or human, is attached to a “weft”, which is a long string on which the hair has first been sewn prior to sewing the “weft” onto the machine made cap. These types of wigs are pre-designed into a specific style and are generally the least expensive because they can be mass-produced.

The combination wig cap varies between manufacturers as to the construction of the cap. In general, the crown is a fine mesh net, a monofilament fabric, or a polyurethane material, and may or may not have mesh net sides with a wefted back.

A hand-tied wig cap is a slightly stretchy mesh net on which hair, synthetic or human, is tied, or knotted, by hand into the mesh netting of the wig cap. It can be semi-custom or custom made.

The monofilament top wig cap is the most natural looking wig cap available. Like the combination cap, it also varies in construction between manufacturers; however, the basic function remains the same. It allows for the natural scalp color to be revealed, which is why it is the cap that best simulates a natural looking head of hair. The hair is hand tied into the monofilament fabric and gives the illusion of hair growing out of the scalp.

In upcoming posts we will go into more detail on each type of wig.