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All Natural Hair Loss Treatments

There’s no need for alarm if you shed several strands of hair when combing often or combing wet locks. The truth is loose strands of hair have to be shed daily in order to support the presence of new growth. It is usually natural to loose approximately one hundred strands daily and anything in excess of this may be reason to be concerned.

If you suspect premature hair loss it is best to check with an expert especially if your family is susceptible to hairloss. If addressed early the possibilities and success of treatment is very positive.

If on the other hand, you happen to be experiencing short-term hair loss the following do-it-yourself solutions will help.

At home massages. Massaging the scalp helps to make the hair follicles stronger mainly because it supplies a rush of blood to the massaged region. Stronger hair follicles mean much less breakage. Massaging the crown additionally assists hair growth due to the pressure placed on the scalp.

Hot oil treatments. Treating your scalp no less than three times weekly with hot oil treatments can help reduce damage and heal minor scalp disorders. Ready to use  hot oil treatments can be purchased at nearly all beauty counters and may be applied and hair covered with a shower cap.

Aloe vera extracts. If you have access to aloe vera you can use it like a shampoo and administer on to the hair and scalp. Another alternative is to fix as a drink for faster absorption. If you do not have access to aloe vera you can find over-the-counter treatments that are rich in aloe vera content.

Honey / Cinnamon Mixtures When honey is blended with cinnamon powder and olive oil it is believed that when applied to hair and scalp it will strengthen them and reduce hair loss. This can be applied directly or mixed with your favorite shampoo.

Ginger extracts. Fresh ginger, chopped and rubbed directly to the crown wherever there’s baldness could promote growth since it aids the healthy growth of hair follicles. Ginger extracts may also be used if you don’t wish to contend with the potent odor of the freshly chopped ginger.

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