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Be careful with hair extensions

Hair extensions may soon be facing an uncertain future.

The Trichological Society, a large London-based group of hair-science professionals, believes that hair extensions should be banned.

The society says that many salons offer an installation service for hair extensions at a low cost to consumers, a practice that could result in low quality, even dangerous, results.

The organization insists that improper handling of hair extensions may be directly to blame for a plethora of hair-related issues that many women are facing today, including alopecia and intermittent balding.

According to the BBC, experts say that some women may have no visible signs of hair damage, though upon closer examination of the scalp, major damage can be revealed.

“People who have hair extensions usually have high hopes they’ll look and feel good but very often it ends in tears. There can be quite serious consequences [in] wearing them for a long period. They are capable of destroying hair permanently,” said hair expert Barry Stevens in an interview.