Helping Cancer Patients Shop for a Wig

Facing cancer is a tough prospect. It is particularly difficult for women because it often involves hair loss. The site offers some great information for a prospective cancer patient on choosing a wig. An excerpt;

Ordering a wig before you start to lose a lot of hair has some advantages. Most importantly, your stylist can help you find a style and color similar to your own hair.

The American Cancer Society offers these wig-buying suggestions for chemotherapy patients who will suffer from hair loss:

  • Save a swatch of your own hair to use for matching.
  • Use natural light–outdoors or near a window-—to decide whether a wig matches your swatch.
  • Measure your head with your hair slicked down.
  • Make sure your wig is adjustable; your head size may be up to a size smaller when you lose your hair.”

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