Wig styles

Some women use choosing a new wig as a time to experiment with a number of different looks, while others just want a wig that looks like their hair. Either way, a few adjustments can make your wig look as natural as possible.

  • Keep in mind that a wig cannot replicate the way your hair blends into your skin. Sure, it does in movies, but that requires a great deal of time, makeup and a team of trained professionals. For your purposes, bangs, or at least wisps of hair covering the hairline, will help your wig look more natural.
  • Even if you’re staying with the cut you currently have, try a slightly shorter wig. During treatment, many women loose weight and become slightly drawn. A shorter style can add fullness. Plus, short wigs have less hair to brush out at night and don’t tangle as easily.
  • Wigs which utilize wide headbands along the hairline are easy to wear and stylish, but you’re locked into wearing a headband. Such models are better for occasional use or as a backup.
  • Buying two wigs in different styles can make life easier than purchasing one very expensive wig. You won’t have to restyle your wig every time you want to put your hair up.

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