Using Tenugui as Head Scarves

Hair loss can be a devastating occurrence for a woman. All her life she has had a full head of beautiful hair, and then suddenly, illness or disease strikes! Undergoing treatment for cancer, the onset of alopecia, or a simple attack of scabies can render even the fullest head of hair sparse or non-existent.

One avenue to cover of is of course wearing a wig. But there is another path, at least for the short term. Wearing a beautiful tenugui!

What is tenugui? Here is an explanation from one of my most favorite stores,

“When you look online for tenugi you’re likely to come across items referred to as ‘Japanese hand towels.’ This is accurate in that it describes how tenugui were traditionally used and the name tenugui itself reveals these origins.”


“A literal translation of the word tenugui reveals its history, which stretches back over hundreds of years.  The first syllable means ‘hand’ and is written with the kanji character 手(it’s also sometimes represented by the character て from the hiragana syllabary), which is followed by a form of the verb for ‘wipe.’  It harks back to the utilitarian roots of this humble cloth, a vestige of the days when it was a fixture in the kitchen for drying hands and dishes and was often carried or worn as a head covering.” See? Bet you would have never thought of this?

I urge you to head over to and check out their products. For instance this japanese fabric.








Isn’t it beautiful?

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