About Kimber

Kimberly Belk is a registered nurse who once had thick, gorgeous, naturally curly, bright auburn hair. Her hair was her pride and joy. Her mother was a stylist and it was her mother’s pride and joy as well. Total strangers would comment on how beautiful her hair was, what a vibrant, unusual and rare color her hair was. In her late twenties and early thirties, Kimberly began to notice her hair was not nearly as thick as it once was. She asked her mother, her stylist, everyone she could think of, why her hair was thinning. The answers she received were vague, she was “worrying about nothing”. It wasn’t until she was 40 did she finally ask a doctor what was happening, and was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata,  and to a lessor extent, Androgenetic Alopecia.  The very nature of how the disease can be active and then inactive made it difficult to diagnose, especially when you consider that her hair was once very thick.

Hair loss can be a very demoralizing condition. It is perfectly natural to grieve the loss of one’s hair and to feel socially disadvantaged because of it. When it first happened to Kimberly, she was emotionally devastated! Her crowning glory was missing it’s crown as she had a significant loss right on the very top of her head.  She had a choice to make: be sad, depressed and miserable, or accept the loss and do something positive about this situation. Sadly, her mother had passed away from lung cancer and was no longer there to guide her through the maze of lotions, potions, powders and creams, wigs and hairpieces that are available to treat hair loss.  She had to learn it all by herself, and she undertook this task with gusto, only to learn that treatments work for some and not others.  Treating permanent hair loss, for whatever the reason, is a very difficult thing to do as each person will respond to treatment in their own unique way. Many factors influence hair loss and many medications used to treat other conditions can cause hair loss. An article on HairLossTalk.com discusses  an article from the LA Times that recently reviewed many of those drugs

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