About Alala Cancer Society

Alala Cancer Society

“Alala” in Greek Mythology is defined as “the personification of the feminine war cry”.

Realizing that not all South Carolinians have the luxury of health insurance or the ability to pay for goods and services, the Alala Cancer Society, a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, now serves those in need.

Born out of a deep conviction to serve, the Alala Cancer Society came into being in January of 2008. Since then, hundreds of post surgical clients have been the recipient of compression garments, mastectomy bras, camisoles and wigs. The Alala Cancer Society donor closet is stocked with new and gently worn items that provides an array of sizes and colors for post surgical cancer clients in financial need.

Our Goal

Collect funds and disperse money to cancer clients throughout the state of South Carolina.

These funds will be used to provide post surgical items to cancer clients including, but not limited to, compression garments and pumps for lymphedema clients, wigs, breast prosthetics and custom fitted bras.

Our Mission

To solicit contributions from individuals and corporate donors to endow the Alala Cancer Society program in order to relieve some of the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis.

A donor closet is stocked with new and gently worn items to provide an array of sizes and colors for post surgical cancer clients in financial need.

List of Officers

Sherry Norris, CFM, Chairperson

As a 7 year small business veteran, Sherry has taken her Business Administration training from Kennesaw State and shared her talents as a co-founder of the Alala Cancer Society. Her personal experience with female issues made her realize that there was a lack of support for women with the same issues in the Columbia, SC area. Something had to be done, and therefore, Alala was born. Despite being a busy wife, mother and Girl Scout leader, Sherry has spent many hours serving her apprenticeship and is now a Nationally Certified Mastectomy Fitter with the American Board of Certification of Prosthetic and Orthics and is recognized by the state and federal government for her experise in mastectomy compression garments and lymphedema pumps

Kim Neel, Chair Elect

As a one year breast cancer survivor in 2006, Kim left the corporate world to open Alala, LLC with her fellow Girl Scout leader, Sherry Norris. Besides being an active Girl Scout volunteer, Kim has been a Team Captain for the First Ladies Walk – Steps Against Cancer and Relay for Life, not realizing the research money raised would someday benefit her. With her bachelor of arts degree in business administration from Lenoir-Rhyne College, Kim went to work for Pirelli Cables and Systems NA. After 21 years at Pirelli Cable and 5 years in insurance, Kim left the corporate work force to get certified as a post surgical breast prosthetic, compression garment and cranial prosthetic fitter.

Lisa Seeger, Vice President

Seeing the trials and tribulations of her mother’s battle with cancer, Lisa found kindred spirits in the folks at the Alala Cancer Society.  As a result of her mother’s health care needs, Lisa was right there to support her mom through it all and realized the need and value of such an organization in South Carolina. Lisa is a certified mastectomy, cranial prosthetic  and compression garment fitter. Her concern and compassion for those needing mastectomy supplies and compression garments is a deeply seated conviction that provides her the joy of helping others.

Dianne Odom, CPA, Treasurer

Dianne, owner of Odom and Scruggs CPA firm joined Alala Cancer Society as their Treasurer.  As the Alala Cancer Society started their quest for registration as a 501(C)3 with the Internal Revenue Service, Dianne’s conviction to help in the cancer survivor arena coupled with her financial and accounting expertise expedited the state and federal approval and registrations. Dianne stands ready to help fellow South Carolinians make a true difference!
Kristen Gray-Mitchell, RPH, Secretary

Kristen, District Manager for RiteAid, joined Alala Cancer Society Board of Directors based on her work in the world of pharmacy.  Witnessing those who were unable to afford compression garments or cranial prosthetics due to Medicare and other insurance company denials, she joined forces with the Board at Alala Cancer Society to help those in need.